• Babylon Erasmus Academy

    Based in Budapest, at Astoria in the heart of the city, we have been
    offering language courses and organizing study abroad since 1983.

  • Eindhoven, Netherlands

    Our Northern European training location, the “City of Light and Innovation”,
    former headquarters of Philips, where York Associates trainers hold our courses.

  • Strijp-S, Eindhoven, Netherlands

    The former Philips industrial district Strijp-S was transformed as part of an urban
    rehabilitation project and became the center of the city life and international cultural
    events while preserving the original industrial character. Don’t miss Eindhoven, if you
    enjoy gazing at creative and innovative, simple but effective ways and solutions.

  • Pula, Croatia

    Our training location on the Croatian coast on the Istrian peninsula,
    The port city of “Little Italy” with 3000+ years of history and
    well-preserved buildings of the Roman Empire.

  • Beach, Pula, Croatia

    Enjoy the wonderful beaches with a Mediterranean atmosphere and turquoise sea water.
    A real paradise for the fans of relaxing holidays with sunbathing, swimming and diving.

  • Ulm, Germany

    Our training location on the banks of the Danube, Einstein’s hometown,
    home to many tourist attractions in a fabulous environment, where trainers
    of O’Connor Language and Communication for Business hold our courses.

  • Neuwschwanstein, Germany

    One of Germany’s most beautiful castles in the Allgäu is located half an hour from Ulm,
    serving also as inspiration for Disney’s Sleeping Beauty movie. Ulm is the perfect place
    for people interested in culture and heritage or those looking for active recreation.

  • Offering Courses of Our Partners

    – Next to our own courses, partner courses can also be booked from us on one site
    – Trainings in many topics and in many European cities with best price guarantee
    – We provide additional services at no extra charge

  • Erasmus Grant Consultation

    – 20+ years of experience in organising trainings abroad
    – Consulting, lectures, workshops, exchange of experience
    – Access to our online booking system

Our Services

Courses With Our Partner Providers

Would you like to study a language or do further training abroad, e.g. with Erasmus+ foundation? Take a look at the training courses of our partners: there is a substatial range of courses on offer and you can choose from many locations and topics. You pay your fees directly to our partners, but we help you every step of the way.

Course Locations

Course locations have been chosen in such a way that they correspond to a wide variety of interests. In our view, Eindhoven embodies the future and innovation, Pula a holiday on the beach, and Ulm the exporation of German historical and cultural heritage (Budapest is our hometown). They all hide hidden treasures worth exploring, while being less crowded and good starting points for visiting the big cities in the area. If you check out the video links and photos, you will fully realize what they have to offer. The international character of the courses is ensured by the fact that our courses are run by York Associates in Eindhoven, and by O’CONNOR Language and Communication for Business trainers in Ulm.

In addition to our own locations, we also offer training courses with our international partners, which can be used to get to all corners of Europe. Information about their locations can be found in the course list.

Our Strength

  • Experience

    20+ years of study abroad
    40+ years of language training

  • Huge portfolio

    20+ Babylon Academy courses
    1800+ mediated partner courses

  • Fabulous locations

    From Tenerife to Oulu,
    or Lisbon to Tallinn,
    in 125+ European cities

  • Current topics

    In 20+ training categories, from mindfulness to artificial intelligence

  • Free consultation

    Erasmus+ grand consultation, lectures, workshops, exchange of experiences, FB group

  • Best price guarantee

    Partner courses are available from us for the same price as from the partners directly but we also add further free extras

  • Big discounts

    Discounts on language preparation courses: 80% for Babylon course participants, 50% for partner course participants

  • Availability

    Continuous availability between 8 am and 8 pm in the grant writing and project implementation period

  • Compliance

    Adherence to quality safety standards and regulatory changes

  • Online booking system

    Brows course offerings, enroll,
    share course documents,
    chat between participants

Training Partners