• SchoolDrive for Erasmus+ Coordinators

    The SchoolDrive system offers an ideal solution for coordinators
    representing companies or educational institutions

  • Everything in one place

    In the Schooldrive system, all bookings and related data
    can be managed transparently in one place

  • Automated Communication

    Monitor and update your booking status online
    and get updated by automatic e-mail notifications

Benefits of the Schooldrive System

  • Free of Charge for Coordinators

    The use of the system is free for coordinators and training participants.

  • Unlimited

    Unlimited number of users, students, bookings, documents, unlimited data and bandwidth, available 24/7.

  • Access rights

    Coordinators and training participants only access courses and data that are relevant to them.

  • Shared documents and chat

    Student documents can be shared with the course organizers and the participant, communicate with each other using the built-in chat.

  • Security

    SchoolDrive has ISO ISO27001 and ISO ISO9001 certificates and thus meets the requirements of the GDPR regulations and the state of the art information security requirements. Your data is safe.