Generic terms and conditions for public courses


The Adult Education Contract (according to the regulations of LXXVII of 2013 on adult education) is established between Babilon Nyelvstúdió Kft. (1075 Budapest, Károly krt. 3/a, registration number: 01 09 899342, tax number: 14335587-2-42) Training institute and Participant (together the Parties).


The Parties agree in advance on the modules of the training, the level of knowledge, its start and expected end dates, the number of training hours, schedule, location and the size of the group. After successful completion of the training, Participant will receive a certificate.

Fee, payment terms

The parties agree on the tuition fee, the payment method and payment schedule. In case of absence or dropout, the tuition fee or its installment will not be refunded. The Training institute must hand over the certificate for the completion of the training to the Participant or its sponsor only after the full tuition fee due is paid.

Online bank card payments are made through the Barion system. The bank card data will not reach the merchant. Barion Payment Zrt., which provides the service, is an institution under the supervision of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank, license number: H-EN-I-1064/2013.


Training institute undertakes to provide training to the Participant based on the results of the preliminary knowledge and training needs assessment.

Participant undertakes to:
– Participant authenticates his/her presence on the attendance sheet by signing it on each session day
– In case of intentional or negligent damage, Participant will pay for the damage caused.
– Participant or the sponsor of the training must pay the agreed tuition fee to the Training institute in the agreed schedule. In the case of late payment, a penalty equal to twice the central bank base interest rate will be charged from the date of the payment deadline. In the event of failure, the Training institute may enforce its claim through legal means.


If Participant wishes to change any of the above details, the Training institute will – to the best of its ability – try to resolve the request free of charge, but does not provide guarantees.

If Training institute wishes to change any of the details included in the Adult Education Contract, Training institute must inform the Participant as soon as possible, before the start of the training, but no later than during the first week of the training. If the change(s) are not acceptable to the Participant, Participant may withdraw from the contract, and in this case the Participant will fully refund the consideration for the services not performed.

Data privacy

Participant acknowledges that processing of Participant’s data is mandatory due to fulfillment of a legal obligation pursuant to § 21 of the Act LXXVII of 2013. on adult education – since Participant participates in adult education. If Participant does not provide the data, the Training institute is obliged to refuse its service. The data of the Participant specified in this contract and the data described in § 21 of the Act LXXVII of 2013 on adult education is managed by the Training institute according to the the 2016/679. s. (GDPR) regulations of the EU Parliament and Council. Method of data management: electronically and/or on paper, manually. The Training institute manages the Participant’s data for five years from the date of their creation. Participant can exercise the following rights: right to information, correction, restriction, protest, complaint, right to go to court. If the GDPR or other legislation gives rise to additional rights, Participant can also exercise these rights through Participant’s contact options. Regarding data management and data protection, the Training Institute has internal regulatory material, the public parts of which are available electronically on, and on paper at the training institution’s customer service. Participant acknowledges and accepts Training institute’s data protection policy. The Training institute assumes full responsibility for any damages resulting from the suspension of operations.


The Participant consents to the Training institute taking photographs, audio recordings, and video recordings of the training and the participants in order to document the implementation of the training. In addition, the Training institute is entitled to use and publish the recordings on his website and promotional materials. The Participant does not make any further demands regarding the recordings made.

If the Instructor is unable to attend, the Training institute provides a substitute or notifies the Participant of the absence of the lesson before the due date, and after the obstacle is removed, the Instructor is obliged to make up the missed lessons at a time agreed upon by the participants.

Absence from the course is allowed for a maximum of 20% of the training. In case of absence exceeding this, a separate consultation is recommended. If the result of the final exam does not exceed 60%, the course is considered unsuccessful. The number of times modified by Participants during the course cannot exceed 20% of all times. Subsequent cancellations will be considered hours kept. Notification to the Instructor before the due date of the class must be done within 24 hours, otherwise the given hour is considered to have been kept.

Conditions of delay: The Instructor is obliged to wait 20 minutes for the Participant, after which the Instructor may leave, and the session is considered to have taken place. The Participant must wait 20 minutes for the Instructor. After that, Participant can request that the Instructor be available at a realistic time specified by the Participant and make up the missed class.

Stopping the course before its finish does not entitle the Participant to reclaim all or part of the tuition fee already paid. In justified cases such as e.g. hospital or foreign travel, it is possible to use the value of unused services at a later date or to transfer them to someone else within 1 year. This must be reported and certified to the Training institute immediately (unutilized service is considered to be the time-proportioned tuition fee for the period following the personal notification), which will issue the certificate based on this.

If Participant has proven or assessed prior knowledge in relation to a module, modules or part of a module of the training, Participant is entitled to be exempted from completing these modules.

Parties acknowledge that the Training institute uses mediated services within the framework of this contract.