• Pula Cityscape

    “Little Italy” on the Croatian coast on the Istrian peninsula

  • Pula old town and harbour

    Almost three thousand years of uninterrupted history of human settlement

  • Beach near Pula

    Several beautiful beaches can be found around the city

  • Forum square and Temple of Augustus

    The Forum has kept his public role to the present time

  • Pula Arena

    Today, it is the venue for many different events

  • Lighting Giants on Uljanik island (Bay of Pula)

    Unique attraction and new characteristic symbol of Pula

Pula, Croatia

Pula, a Croatian city rich in history and culture, is located on the Istrian peninsula. It forms the heart of the region’s rich heritage, where ancient Roman monuments, such as the stunning Pula Arena, intertwine with beautiful coastal landscapes.

The city’s vibrant atmosphere and charming old town promise magical walks whatever the season. Pula is a place where the harmony of ancient and modern elements dazzles visitors, while the unspoilt coastline and cultural treasures combine to make a stay here unforgettable.