• Eindhoven City Center

    September 18 square with the Witte Dame, the Philips Tower,
    and De Blob, which has become the iconic image of Eindhoven.

  • Eindhoven Cityscape

    View of vibrant urban city with houses built with traditional
    Dutch brick architecture in green living environment

  • Bicycles parked at the Train Station

    Bikes are used for the “last 2 miles” by commuters arriving by
    train or bus but also as common means of transport within the city.

  • Buildings in Strijp-S

    Former Philips industrial district Srijp-S transformed into
    an urban living area with international cultrual events
    while preserving the original industrial character.

  • Cafes in the City Center

    Enjoying the sun with a cup of caffee in bars and
    restaurants in the pedastrian zone of the city center

  • Shopping Area

    Building facades in the shopping area where next to many
    international brands also local merchants are well represented.

  • Genneper Parcs

    Unique nature reserve in which sports, culture, and recreation
    are united in 20 minutes distance from the city center

  • Philips Stadion

    Home stadion of PSV and a unique welcoming event location
    3rd largest stadion in the Netherlands with a capacity of 36 500

Eindhoven, Netherlands

Eindhoven is the city of innovation, technology, and design, but especially of the future. Over 125 year ago Philips founded the first light bulb factory in the city, starting an industrial success story here and turning Eindhoven into the “City of Light”. Just Google the word “innovation” and light bulbs are the first visuals you will notice, for a reason.

Yet, Eindhoven’s allure extends beyond technology; it’s a city of cultural vibrancy. With its design-driven initiatives, artistic festivals, and a blend of modernity with tradition, Eindhoven features a unique fusion of innovation and heritage. The mixture is also represented in the culinary scene of Eindhoven, offering a delicious blend of Dutch flavors and experimental cuisines.

The second largest airport of the Netherlands is located in Eindhoven. Popular destinations like Amsterdam, Antwerp, Düsseldorf, Maastricht, Rotterdam and the North Sea are just over an hour away by car or train. Within the city, bikes are a common means of travel. Thanks to the extensive network of high quality cycling routes, any location is reachable from the center within 20-30 minutes in a healthy and sustainable manner.