Teenagers – Enemies or friends? How to survive a classroom full of teenagers?

Course Description

The aim of this course is to support teachers who are dealing with teenagers and thus support teenagers who are in a learning process. We will mainly focus on the experiences of the participants teaching this age group and learn about their complex and ever-changing world. We will try to understand the huge changes in a teenager’s brain and how teenagers respond to continuous learning and to their own body changes. We are going to create our own personal practices of how to engage teens in a learning process. We will look at the best practices of treating teenagers with care, sympathy but without getting frustrated or even burn out. We will outline the essentials of a good learning environment for teenagers.


  • to support teachers and teenagers in their teaching and/or learning processes
  • to learn about the vulnerability and strength of this age group
  • to prepare a personal set of practices for further use
  • foster good learning environment
  • promote growth

Learning outcomes

  • to – hopefully – create a positive attitude towards our own students dealing with the hardships of teenage hood
  • to build fundamental capacity to teach teenagers
  • to share difficulties of your teaching career
  • to be capable, confident and independent teachers in order to help students become the agent of their own learning

Planned schedule

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6*
1 Introduction – group games, getting to know each other. Using craft techniques, dealing with previous experiences as teachers Learning about the teenagers’ brain – a scientific point of view Facing the real teenager – blending ideas with everyday experiences – to what extent are they different from previous generations’ experiences as teenagers? Creating a set of teaching tools for further usage Dissemination preparation: SPRE presentation for peers (own and parallel groups)
2 Collecting experiences of previous teaching processes Creating an ideal teenager as a learner How to spot the changes of these biological changes How to create and foster good learning environment – how to create a welcoming classroom How to identify ourselves as teachers of a challenging age group Dissemination preparation: SPRE presentation for peers (own and parallel groups)
3 Collecting experiences of teaching this age group who cause difficulties and even frustration Creating the perfect teacher -sharing ideas about fostering good learning environment for the ideal teenager How to set boundaries in a teaching/learning process – but still how to teach with empathy End of course discussion – course evaluation Round-up: discussion of SPRE outcomes, feedback and course evaluation

*not part of 5-day course, wrap-up takes place on Day 5

Language level: English B1 and above*
Locations: Pula (Croatia) and Budapest (Hungary)
Time: 9 AM to 2:30 PM daily (extracurricular activities outside of learning activities)
Dates: Pula 29 July – 3 August, 5-10 August 2024 (6 days, 30 lessons)
Budapest 8 July-12 July, 15 July-19 July (5 days, 25 lessons)
Price: €510 (6-day course, EUR 430 (5-day course), including extracurricular cultural activities and welcome dinner

*The language of the course is English, linguistic aid may be provided for speakers of Hungarian with lower language abilities

The course complies with all rules as set in the Quality Standards of the Erasmus+ program. Extracurricular activities are in addition to the lessons, and study groups are international. Note: should the latter condition not be met, participants will be informed 40 days in advance.

Payment facilities: participants with funding from the actual year’s project budget may ask to request a deposit of EUR 100 to guarantee their places on the course and pay the rest of the fees later.

It is possible to take part in 2 consecutive courses, please book both separately. A price reduction of 15% will be applied.