Early Education: Supporting the Development of Partial Abilities

Course description

This course is designed to introduce methods and practical effects at early education supporting the development of partial abilities. We will discuss how to help this development at all learning areas on an age-appropriate level. We will focus on the moving-music-sensation triad which guides kids more effectively through their early ages without exact language knowledge. The course is designed for those who are interested in the theoretical background and practical effects of a successful learning development possibility.


  • to understand and apply the importance of development at early ages
  • to further stimulate your interest and support your aim to improve your teaching skills
  • prepare a personal mini research project following the SPRE stages to be presented at the on-site dissemination activity

Learning outcomes

  • Have a review about academic knowledge of planning, subject areas, methods and didactical role of tasks
  • To get to know moving-music-sensation concept
  • To get to know different kinds of good-activities at all subject areas
  • To be able to build up the development of partial abilities according to ages
  • To be inspired by new ideas

Planned schedule

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6
1 Introduction – group games, presentations of the participants’ institutions. Moving in the KG – academic knowledge review Moving in the KG – academic knowledge review Story in the KG – academic knowledge Science and math – academic knowledge Dissemination preparation: SPRE presentation for peers (own and parallel groups)
2 Methods, educational tasks, didactical roles -academic knowledge Music at the KG – song and rhymes – the rhythm Moving development by ages Story and the language art Science and perception development Dissemination preparation: SPRE presentation for peers (own and parallel groups)
3 Home-made tools inspired by Montessori Music and auditory sensation development Games and activities at a P.E. session Story as a CLIL tool Math skills by ages – school preparation Round-up: discussion of SPRE outcomes, feedback and course evaluation
4 Perception development (auditory, visual) Music and the CLIL Games and activities at a P.E. session Partial abilities development by stories Math in art and craft lesson Certificates of attendance
5 Partial abilities for school preparation Planning a music activity Planning a P.E activity Planning a story activity Planning a complex activity
Language level: English B1 and above*
Locations: Pula (Croatia)
Time: 9 AM to 2:30 PM daily (extracurricular activities outside of learning activities).
Dates: 29 July-3 August and 5-10 August, 2024 (6 days, 30 lessons)
Price: €510, including extracurricular cultural activities and welcome dinner

*The language of the course is English, linguistic aid may be provided for speakers of Hungarian with lower language abilities

The course complies with all rules as set in the Quality Standards of the Erasmus+ program. Extracurricular activities are in addition to the lessons, and study groups are international. Note: should the latter condition not be met, participants will be informed 40 days in advance.

Payment facilities: participants with funding from the actual year’s project budget may ask to request a deposit of EUR 100 to guarantee their places on the course and pay the rest of the fees later.

It is possible to take part in 2 consecutive courses, please book both separately. A price reduction of 15% will be applied.