ICT Tools for Teachers of Mathematics

Target Audience

The course is aimed at teachers of Mathematics in primary and secondary schools as well. Participants need to be at a B1 level of English.

Course Description

The course provides ways to integrate ICT tools in the Mathematics lessons. The course presents online software tools and applications that are suitable for Mathematics lessons in primary and secondary schools as well, even in bilingual programs. During the course, participants can learn about the practical applications of ICT tools in order to make the Mathematics lessons more interactive and adjust to the needs of the students who were born in a digital world.


  • To provide online software tools and applications suitable for Mathematics lessons. 
  • To increase teachers’ digital awareness and technological knowledge. 
  • To enable teachers to use ICT tools and digital devices in the classroom.
  • To encourage teachers to create their own digital materials adjusted to the needs and goals of the learning group.
  • To persuade and help teachers to make use of the different functions modern scientific calculators have (for instance Casio fx-991 EX). 
  • To encourage teachers of Mathematics to make use of the benefits of digital devices.
  • To present a personal mini research project following the SPRE stages to be at the on-site dissemination activity, gaining evaluation and further ideas to participants’ own puzzles (part of 6-day courses only)
  • To show teachers the possibilities of utilizing all skills and intelligences of students in the STEM classroom

Learning Outcomes

The course will help the participants to:

  • broaden their tool kit including ICT tools
  • apply digital devices, online materials and applications in the classroom
  • create their own teaching tools adjusted to the needs of the learning group

About the Educator

Szabina Tóth, teacher of Mathematics and English in a Hungarian-English bilingual secondary school in Budapest, also working as the head of the Mathematics Department.

Language level: English B1 and above*
Locations: Budapest (Hungary) and Pula (Croatia)
Time: 9 AM to 2:30 PM daily (extracurricular activities outside of learning activities)
Dates: Budapest: 8-12 July, 12-16 August 2024 (5 days, 25 lessons)
Pula 22-27 July, 29 July-3 August (6 days, 30 lessons)
Price: €510 (5 days), €430 (5 days) including extracurricular cultural activities and welcome dinner

*The language of the course is English, linguistic aid may be provided for speakers of Hungarian with lower language abilities

The course complies with all rules as set in the Quality Standards of the Erasmus+ program. Extracurricular activities are in addition to the lessons, and study groups are international. Note: should the latter condition not be met, participants will be informed 40 days in advance.

Payment facilities: participants with funding from the actual year’s project budget may ask to request a deposit of EUR 100 to guarantee their places on the course and pay the rest of the fees later.

It is possible to take part in 2 consecutive courses, please book both separately. A price reduction of 15% will be applied.